One of Brazil’s largest independent asset managers, with over 17 years of history, investing with independent, long-term and concentrated vision since its inception.

Tarpon has two investment strategies: Illiquid Investments and Tarpon GT.

Illiquid Investments
The pillar of the strategy lies in the high level of engagement with invested companies through Board seats and management positions with the goal of leading the value creation agenda in both public and private equities.

Tarpon GT
The fund aims to combine attractive valuation, business quality and potential inflection points in the selection of investment opportunities, which are done exclusively in listed companies.

Our Trajectory

Tarpon was founded with an investment strategy focused exclusively on public equities.
Creation of the first co-investment and the first hybrid funds, which allowed us to start investing in private companies as a complement to our investments in public equities.
Tarpon's IPO and investment of the capital raised in its funds allowed Tarpon to become one of its largest investors.
Evolution of the Owner & Operator strategy and enhancement of Tarpon’s involvement in invested companies.
Relaunch of the investment strategy focused on public equities (Tarpon GT).


. Over R$ 5,0 Billion of assets
under management, in |December 2020
. High level of proprietary capital (over 20% of the AUM)
. Over 50 relevant investments concluded